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Cleaner Spiritual Living

I have this sort of mind blowing set of personal experiences; that is, events and choices that have clearly shown me some wonderful rewards for cleaning up my life, and my behavior. 

I grew up around many people who've never really handled social-emotional situations well. I've seen extreme and even dangerous hypocrisy. I've also worked with damaged children and broken families for decades. I've seen, adopted and eliminated much of my own poor behavior. This all gives me a unique perspective on the basic mechanics of human behavior and spirituality. 


I have the clear, objective and truthful knowledge that people do what people are taught to do. We are not born just "good" or "bad", nor are we that way as adults. That gives me a practical, non-judgmental perspective and helps me help others find an easier path to God, one we ALL deserve. 

As I know this myself, a cleaner life is one that can't be forced. It has to be learned, earned and appreciated by those who adopt it. The hardest part for me was to accept the need and recognize the rewards. That's what this section of my ministry is about, helping others find reasons, hope and strength to live more for the spirit than for the body; to choose short term sacrifice with long term reward, instead of the opposite. 

The following are personal stories and findings about the how's and why's we would live a cleaner life: 

My Living Death (Love, Sin and Miracles) (podcast) - I put this one in first for good reason. While not everyone is looking for a story about breaking love-related sin, this one is a strong witness to how breaking any sin can greatly improve a life, and a spiritual future. 

Back to the Manual (podcast) - 2nd in line for good reason. When you need to know how to do it right, plug your eyes into the word of God. He wrote the policies and he hasn't changed them yet. 

The Realism of Sin (Podcast) - We're being mislead about the acceptance of sin. This podcast looks at the realities and final arguments of why we would want to eliminate sin from our lives. 

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The Bible - What is it and how do I Read? (article) - How to get started with the manual mentioned in the podcast above.

Porn is Okay, Right? (article) - A personal story; for me, it was one of the most difficult roadblocks to remove from my path to God. 





Wicca, Witchcraft, Wile (article) - One of the biggest deceptions today, that witchcraft, wicca and the like are something sanctioned by God. 





Sin, a Realistic View (article) - My personal approach to non-judgmental help with bad behavior. 

The Absolute Real Power of Words (article) - A great ship, a small rudder; when it's time to keep gossip and negativity from sterling the course. 

How to get Used by the Dark Side (article) - Convincing you a clean life is for the weak; big business does it. High school cliques do it. But the one at the head of it all, he is, for now, all but condemned for his leadership role...  

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