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Getting to God (Documentary)

Both videos are the same, except the one below is Closed Captioned.

To view full screen or in case of playback trouble, click here to view directly on Vimeo

I'm excited! Since early 2018, I've been putting together my first documentary. In spite of budgeting and technical/quality limitations, It's coming together nicely. All images, video, editing, and some music are created by me. Aside from that, other music is created by artists who I know personally. My plan is to have the film finished some time in 2022 (hopefully sooner). Announcements and updates will be made via website, RSS and email subscriptions. 

Visit this page to be automatically kept up to date about documentary progress and more. 

See more, free, full videos here

Latest update: 

As of April, 2021:

  • Just arrived on location to re-record some footage where audio went missing (unexplained),

  • Searching for a green screen and higher-tech camera to re-record some unfinished green-screen work.

  • All narration has been recorded, processed and placed into the timeline,

  • Just switched all editing software to new system and riding that learning curve.

  • Basic timeline layout is complete,  

Waiting for: 

  • Some A-Roll, scenes with volunteers, (A-Roll is video that has a specific purpose in helping to tell the story. B-Roll is more random video that is shot to help fill in parts of the film). 

  • Video adjustment, 

  • Some random details to be worked out. 


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