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Give by Mail; by money order, cashier's check, etc. You can help either by name or anonymously. Your info will never be shared with anyone. Here's how:


  1. Flip the switch below for the address. If that doesn't work, please see the message at the bottom of this page (these steps help prevent unwanted use of my information).

  2. Optional: If you'd like confirmation of delivery; use the form to send me a note, so I can watch for your donation. If you wish to remain anonymous, please make up a nickname and leave the email field blank. This way I can post back on this page and let you know when your contribution was received. 

  3. Optional: You can check back on this page for a note below, to see when your contribution was received. 

Flip the switch to show address:

Shawn Keenan

PO Box 3521 

Bloomington, IN 47402

This information will not be published or shared. 

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Contributions received by mail from:

No recent US mail contributions.

If the above form did not work, I've hidden my address in the text below. To extract the right info, put together only the letters highlighted in green. I've do this to help keep internet bots and spiders from collecting my info and spamming me.   

Shaw45n K!*(eenan

7P-3O 8Bo 2x 35#w21

Blo%*oming3zton, IN 474zzs02-3521

An example, similar to what's going on above:


Le5t the wo#$rld b7e bathe77d in li%$ght


would actually be; 


Let the world be bathed in light 

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