Finding Peace

For those who seek it or those who wish to keep it, peace in this world can feel like an illusive thing. A broken world produces broken people; and for those who are willing to admit, accept and explore that, there is a path to finding solace. For readers of Getting To God, that path can start here. 

Below are pieces of content that are laid out in a step-by-step manor. You don't have to go through them in order, but I recommend it. My promise is this, as I have struggled through it myself, this path can bring calm and peace even when life is a complete mess. No part of being a Christian offers complete protection and solace, but enough comfort can be found to give anyone a foundation to live and fight from. Even if it seems like a bit much, the rewards of diving in and adopting these practices are perpetual, uplifting and forever.


For whatever turmoil you're in, God has offered us comfort; and sometimes even a way out. There's nothing to pay for, nothing to lose and a lifetime and beyond of appreciation to gain.  

Hang On (short video, 160 seconds) - Excessive stress. Questioned faith. Finding an anchor when life won't easily lend.

Cut to the Chase (Personal Peace in Spite of Turmoil) (article) - For all of my own attempts to dodge and resend bullets in the battle, nothing ever worked as well as bringing God to the gunfight.

Putting God First - The Pain of Arm's Length (Part 1/2) (article) - Building peace requires a solid foundation, so don't put the cart before the horse. Grace and I heard it, then Grace and I lived it: "Put God first and everything else will fall in line". 

The Bible - What is it and how do I Read? (article) - There is one aspect (of many) about the Bible that astounds me; the people who lived and shared their experiences, thousands of years ago; their philosophies and outlooks can often be directly applied to today's situations. And people say there's no manual to life.  

Sing From the Center of the Prison (article) - This is one of my favorite ways to overcome darkness. It's not only an iconic demonstration that you're not going to lay down and give up, it's also an ironic yet powerful way to get up off the ground. 

Gathering the Holy Spirit (article) - Peace you can can actually feel; and I've shared some effective ways to absorb and use it. 

The art of Calm (article I've written, found on my photography portfolio) - Free, easy techniques that anyone can use to build a calm moment. 

Forgiveness (video series) - It's simple; you can't have peace without forgiving yourself and forgiving others. Not living with forgiveness is like trying to smell nice while carrying bags of garbage around all day.   

Forgivness PT 1 (about forgiving others)

The Armor of God - Cleaning up the System (article) - It's not comfortable; but it's true. One important way to build solace in your life is to decide what's worth more to you; worldly comfort, or a stronger foundation and a brighter spiritual future. 

True Fellowship (article) - We weren't built to go it alone. Bring peace into your life by surrounding yourself with supportive people and being inclusive; the way Christ intended it. 

A Struggle to see the Face of God (article) - Just knowing He's there is sometimes enough to calm a personal storm. 

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