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The Flashlight Project

Latest Update

This all started on January 10, 2019, some time between 2 pm and 4 pm. As of Friday, August 2, 2019 - 3:40 PM... it's still going. It's now been running for 226 days, a total of around 5,568 hours straight! 


I don’t know how it’s happening, but I have a flashlight that’s recently refused to quit shining. Except for one moment when my two year old daughter turned it off, then I immediately turned it back on; it’s been glowing for the entire time. If you’re thinking “so what?”, read on. It gets weird. 


How I got the flashlight

It was given to me by Grace’s Mother and Father years ago. I believe her Dad picked it out. Shortly after that, he passed away. Therefore the light has always been special to me.

A guy nd a flashlight

After my kid tried to turn the light off for a few seconds, I taped it so it can't be turned off anymore. 

What Grace's father means to us


For me, he was/is a role model. His life went a lot like mine has. He grew up in a rough way, sorely mistreated. As a kid he was surrounded by constant demonstrations of poor behavior. As an adult, he worked incredibly hard to keep that behavior away from his family. BTW, IF this is a sign that he's still around us, it would be one of many.  


How The Flashlight Project came about 

Just after recording Is God Real? pt 1, my field recorder showed the rechargeable batteries only had about 30-40% charge left. So, for the purpose of cycling the batteries, I decided to put them into the flashlight and leave it running until they died. 


About five hours later, when I came back to where we were staying, the flashlight was still lit with no change in brightness. I figured “wow, what an efficient design!” and continued to leave it on overnight. The next morning, no change, bright as when I first turned it on. 


Five days after first turning it on… still lit. I showed my Dad. His comment? “Wow, that’s efficient!”. So on it went. The flashlight continued another day. That’s when I decided to shine it on the crucifix on our wall. 


From there; day after day I woke expecting the light to be out, but it wasn’t. It just wouldn’t quit. 


So what’s the big deal? 


Think about the numbers. I looked up the specs on the flashlight. It’s rated to run on 2, brand new AA, Alkaline batteries for up to 8.5 hours. Remember, the batteries I put in only had about 30-40% charge when this started. The light should have gone out after no more than about 3.5 hours. 


This is a bit of a struggle for me 

I’m a science nerd. One of my favorite things to work with is electronics. I knew a few days into this occurrence, we were out of bounds from what would be explainable. But the part of me that likes to run through every conventional explanation first, was telling me not to jump into the paranormal possibilities yet.


It wasn’t until I checked and rechecked the data and the specs on the flashlight… it wasn’t until I gave it about three weeks… that’s when I called it. I told Grace; as someone who understands electronics on an engineering level, I could no longer come up with any conventional explanation. 


I still struggle to find an easy way to explain it. But then I keep thinking... electrons do not procreate. 

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