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We lose people in different ways; like broken relationships, relocation and death. I'm no stranger to any of those.


When it comes to broken relationships, I've both messed them up myself and had them damaged by others.


I've lived in two college towns and a major tourist city. In places like that, you can make friends by the dozens, but they also move away in large chunks as well.


And death? It would be easier to count the stints when I wasn't losing people, than the other way around. And in one of those periods I lost 12 in about three years (13 if you count a much loved cat). I've lost people to cancer, suicide and many more issues. I've lived through moments of denial and moments of clarity; times I couldn't accept a loss and times like when I held my Grandfather's hand while he took his last breath. I have several friends who've lost children (the worst kind of loss) and have made it through with at least some level of Joy in their lives, still fighting to help others. So when I say you can take my advice... you can take my advice. 

I can't tell anyone exactly how to grieve as everyone's course is unique. I can only tell you how to ease it. The level at which you live with a loss of a loved one depends on your own situation, who it was you lost and how you lost them. I don't believe we ever really "get over" losing people. We just learn to live with it, move on and continue to somehow build strength and purpose. But what I can say for sure is that God offers at least some level of solace, some positivity after a loss. Some take longer to work through than others, but all have the potential to teach, raise us up and guide us toward a better spiritual future.

Life on Earth can be incredibly unfair, especially through the pain and unfairness of loss. But life on this planet is short, while life elsewhere is forever. Our time here is like a tiny drop of water, while our future outside these bodies can be an endless sea. It's only logical to hang on, persevere, and open the right doors for when we finally shed this heavy skin. 


The following are not meant to be viewed in any order. My advice, either just go with what feels natural or ask God for guidance. I hope this helps.   

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