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A man who was involved in all kinds of sorrows, Johnny Cash; hear what he says about how he hurt himself just to see if he could still feel? It wasn't originally his song, but obviously he felt the words as if they were his own and he did a mighty fine job of representing it from his own heart. From my own, distant past; I understand it, personally, completely.

But the man singing, Johnny Cash, kept reaching out as we all often do. And here's some beautiful irony; the original writer, Trent Reznor, at one point, was quite anti-Christian. In Johnny Cash's video, and his own past songs, he has been trying to follow Christ (apparent in songs like "Daddy Sang Bass").

Lately, Mr. Reznor has been shifting into the spectrum of belief in God (as people who've experienced this much pain often do). And, as I once did, he is trying to find that God through a mess of religion that often mucks things up.

So there are two key points here:

1. No one finds God because someone tell them to. We find Him through experience, especially real suffering.

2. Trent Reznor and Johnny Cash have both openly expressed the struggle of forgiving ourselves and forgiving each other. It's also a struggle many of us, including myself, have been through.

I've addressed both points:

A collection of videos, articles and podcasts that shed light on the age-old question, is God real?

An extensive collection of media, giving technical details and personal experience on how to forgive yourself and others.

And now, the song cover by Johnny Cash

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