A Better Pace for Articles and Notifications

Hello all,

I've been putting out three articles a week. While I'm happy it gave me a strong start, I've had feedback form more than one reader saying it was too much to keep up with.

So here's how the changes will come:

I had been releasing three articles, to put out an entire series in one day, one for everyone, one early for supporters and one resource article for supporters. Now, I will release one article per week for everyone, and one at the end of the series (2/month) that is full of resources for supporters.

This will allow for some good shifts in the web presence:

  • I will release downloadable .pdf versions of each article, available to supporters,

  • I will have more time to produce new content, like original music, more photography, a children's section and short stories about the behind the scenes work that goes into GettingToGod.com,

  • Articles will become easier to navigate,

  • If you subscribe to the free updates, or, if you connect via Facebook or Twitter, you will not receive 3 notifications in one day about articles. The pace of notifications should now feel more reasonable.

Thank you for your interest in Getting to God!

- Shawn

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