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A Reality Many Don't Know (Article)

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

When you think that maybe the devil, evil and their war on the human mind are questionable things, just conspiracy theory; think about some of the facts for a moment:

1. Society functions like a machine. The human mind actually finctions just like a computer. Just like any other machine/computer, they have modules and parts that are all synced up and all function together. Just like any other machine, for anyone who understands the system, those parts and modules can be manipulated (as I've been doing this with electronics and mechanics almost my whole life).

2. There is nothing in existence that evil hasn't tried to use for its own purposes AND, it spends far more time than the rest of us trying to figure it all out. Whatever one of us can dream as a form of control, it's already been done and then some. When you and I are experts on something, we've had years or decades to learn it. Imagine how intricate someone's skills can become when they've had thousands of years to hone their craft. The time and budget spent on evil acts are virtually endless (for now).

The equation should speak for itself.

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