Call me Crazy? The Un-Delusional Christian (Article)

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I could make a life’s work out of disproving anything. As I look at content like my own, things that may seem unprovable or even delusional, I could take notes, run a stream of contradictory comments and represent it all in a way that shatters anyone's perspective.

If I wanted to, I could ‘debunk’ anything that doesn’t cary enough evidence to be more than a wive’s tale. As long as no one puts any verifiable information in your face while I charge on about how unreal it is, I can craft a believable argument and make my point appear undeniable.

Where does Christianity fit into this?

Spirituality is a special case of what I’m talking about above. It’s much like early studies of things like Quantum Physics, the flight of human-made machines and the discovery of how basic hygiene prevents the spread of disease (No kidding. Before the 19th century, medical students and professionals were going straight from things like handling diseased cadavers to birthing babies… without washing up.).

In any of those cases above or any situation like them, as long as the proof was, or is held back from the general public, any manner of information can be injected between the truth and what people actually accept as the truth. Therefore, as long as a person doesn’t see the facts, I could use my super-duper wordsmithing powers to convince anyone that the facts aren’t real, just as people used to do with human flight and Quantum Physics.

An opposing comment may be that I’ve done just that… used writing to tailor some sort of belief, but it’s not possible and here’s why; the evidence of God’s existence and involvement in our lives is all over the place. My influence makes no difference in its presence.

Turning the dial from non-believer to knower

Once obtained in a solid way… once gathered with an opened mind… once the pieces fall into the empty shapes that are tailor made for them, it’s over. As a person moves on from an experimentation stage to one where God’s laws become part of every-day life, the proof and feedback become endless, literally.

There are situations that test that faith, like unanswered prayer, the loss of loved ones and dramatic life changes. Those situations can end in spiritual disconnection, but only through a lack of understanding as to why they happen.

I’ve been tested extensively, deeply, through situations that arise form my own behavior and the behavior of others around me. But I’ve also had the privilege of having some of the most deeply hurt people on the planet share their own stories with me, both in personal conversations and on camera.

What I’ve found is that, no matter what happens, if we hold on to faith and push through even astounding hardship, we come out with an understanding of how God's system works and why people’s lives often don’t.

Real Christianity is far from delusional

I, and just about every Christian I call a fellow Christian, we do not base our claims on a book, a set of sermons or a peer driven system of information. Those things fit our practice, but only as tools of reference and education. They come second to what actually holds us to the Holy Trinity… our own experience and our own tests.

We follow a long string of cause and effect that’s sparked by things like prayer, sacrifice and trauma. Those things are followed up by measurable, considerable results. In other words, we ignite, collect and correlate actual, objective data.

And one of the coolest things about the process of discovering God for ourselves? It gets tailored to our own individual lives, personalized as we build that relationship. The results can be fun and often downright mind blowing.

What Christianity boils down to

A person can push out tons of intelligently crafted words about why we might believe God is not real. We can debate until we’re blue in the face, until our pens dry out and our voices fail. But the finality will always remain. If we push aside the arguments, give ourselves a chance and an open mind to explore extensively in spite of time taken, challenge and peer influence… we will find him.

He’s there as he’s always been. In his hands and his eyes there is acceptance, warmth, wisdom and the reprieve from every mistake we’ve ever made. All we have to do is take control of the filters in the brain that close out new information, new possibilities, and just seek.

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