Documentary Update

Hello all

I wanted to send out a quick note about the progress of the documentary. In Late October of this year, 2018, I had completed 3 more interviews. So, as of now I have:

  • A total of 5 powerful and compelling interviews completed, and much of my own story recorded,

  • About 1/4 to 1/3 of the basic editing laid out,

  • Most of the dialogue written and about 1/2 of it completely edited,

  • Some great original music by people I know personally,

  • A ton of photos, great video footage and B-roll recorded,

  • A complete preview seen here,

  • Two original songs partially laid out, written and recorded by Grace and I,

  • A slew of other details worked out.

I'm hoping to have the finished product done by mid 2019, but no guarantees. Remember this is mostly a one-human (who is incredibly picky about detail) production, so it is slow going, but it will premier ASAP.

A special thank you

I want to drop a special thank you to all interviewees, Glenn, Steve, Krystle, Enoch and Toni. You've shared with me some incredibly deep, emotional and intricate stories. It's been an honor to be trusted by you and by God. I'm grateful to be given the task of respectfully presenting some very difficult and intimate pieces of your lives. To sit with each person and hear such strong reasons to appreciate my own life, my family and the Holy Trinity, it's an honor that's changed me forever. You've pushed me to improve myself more than ever and to complete as much of this work as I can.

To all readers

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Thank you for your interest in my work!

- Shawn

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