Documentary Update - Basic Structure is Finished!!!

Where is the progress of the film now?

I've been waiting for this for a good, long while and I'm ready to celebrate!

Okay, don't let me overrate this moment. The film is still far from being done, but the latest news is, to Grace and I, very exciting! The entire dialogue is completely done and edited. Every basic part of the film is laid into the timeline. I now have just about 90 minutes of structure done.

So what's left?

Most interview footage, B-Roll (random shots) and other things are in and almost final. If actual footage and audio is not there, a placeholder is. So what I have to do now is record a lot of narration and footage of things like machines, animals, etc. then lay it over the placeholders. From there it will be a lot of fine tuning and detail agonizing.

I can't possibly tell you how much time I've got in the film, except to say it's at least hundreds of hours, the mid to high hundreds that is. With just a few hundred more, the film will be ready for release.

So be on the lookout for more updates, and hopefully before long I'll be talking preview parties!

See the preview

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