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Close To Death; A Powerful, Personal Story; From Selfish To Evangelist (video)

Personal story; how a former life brought him to darkness and how an extremely close brush with death changed his course forever. Enoch details the steps he took through different religions and practices, finally understanding Christianity.

Stories Of Faith - Enoch Kolarov

I first met Enoch when an unexpected trip brought my family and I to Chicago. We both showed up at a party where he and I ended up talking about God and ministry for much of the evening. I knew during that first conversation, I needed to get his story on camera. So, after scheduling the interview and extending our stay for a couple of days, we finally got to talk about his near-death experience. That moment was a big blessing in my own life as Enoch helped me boost my own ministry. His faith, unique experience and willingness to open himself up to God's will helped set me on a better path. I'm confident his story will do the same for others.

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