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Everyday Consequences (podcast)

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

We're constantly living with consequences we just accept as part of everyday life. They're justified and treated with unnecessary, so-called remedies. I’m watching my brothers and sisters have these awful things happen to them and I know that if someone would just tell them that they’ve got some control over it…

Parental note: In this sermon I mention an addiction to porn. I don't go into details, but do say the word a few times. If anything it serves as a deterrent, but you may want to keep this one away from young ears until you review it yourself.

Side note: the mobile version of this was glitching out on me (weird blinking). If this happens to you, you can also listen here (on my main podcast list) and here (hosted on RedCircle)

Thanks for listening :) I spend a lot of late nights and challenging moments working hard. All content is done by me... the writing, recording, editing, web design and setup, photography and publishing content. If you find value in it, please consider any of the following:

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