Gathering the Holy Spirit (Part 3/3, Resources, Article)

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

The following are resources that can help the reader reenforce the concepts covered in the last two articles. There are several links to videos, articles and Bible passages.

I’ve personally, fully read all of these articles and watched all videos. I can get behind what each of them say. I can also assure they are safe for all ages. However, I have not researched what the rest of each website and channel presents. I cannot say that the rest of the content produced by each one is usable or safe for all ages.

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Gathering the Holy Spirit

The human soul is incredibly powerful. I think most of us don’t know how strong our presence can be. We communicate hope, renewal, love and fellowship just by transferring that positivity and wisdom.

Gathering the Holy Spirit (Companion Article, supporters only until 10/11/18)

My path is still littered in some spots and completely overgrown in others. Sometimes I just need a small trash bag and a pick-up stick. Sometimes I need a bull dozer.

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