God's Webs (Crayon Web) (91 Second Video)

I'm fascinated with the way God works and lately I've noticed something happening in my own life (along with my family). Webs are slowly being drawn. The nodes (connecting points) are made of situations, people and places. The lines that flow from point to point are drawn by the traveling we've done, the social functions we attend and the communication we have with others.

As I watch new people and resources come into our lives, I imagine a large web being laid out, much like what you see in the video. The more sacrifice I make to God, the more I improve myself, the deeper and higher I'm placed in the web, the more connections I make to other nodes.

As I started coloring with my Daughter it hit me. The drawing we were making was becoming a visual representation of the webs God makes. I quickly grabbed the camera and started filming. After almost two weeks of learning how to do my first-ever animations, recording narration, composing the music and making two separate videos, they're finally here...

The main video


The same visually as above, but narration is gone and commentary by my daughter and I takes its place.

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