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I Held My Grandfather's Hand as he Died (article)

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

It was a while back now, mid 90’s; but, along with some family, I stood by my grandpa’s side and held his hand as he left this world.

Photo by Shawn Keenan. No stock images here. See/ purchase similar images in writer's photography portfolio.

I loved that man, one of my all time favorite people. I think my favorite part of him was the honesty he showed. It was the honesty of living an incredibly hard life, not caring what others thought and yet somehow pulling genuine love for his family out of his badly bruised heart. To me, he was a great man.

As he drifted out of this world, I held his hand. And the first time I ever heard someone say something like: “that must have been awful”, I struggled to answer. That was a long time ago. These days it’s easy to describe the experience; a blessing, and it’s something I’d have done every time out of the many times I’ve lost people, if I could have.

Those moments like the one my family and I had with my Grandfather; they don’t become that powerful without a mind and heart that binds us all together, God’s. Anything you might lose by trying to know Him is something you never needed.


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