How Getting to God was Born (Article)

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What is Getting to God?

It’s a presence, a project, a venture to bring a lot of missing information into light. It currently consists of a pending documentary, a website with articles about the soul and its father and set of images that I feel reflect our spirituality. It will eventually expand to include original music, videos, podcasts and more.

Where did Getting to God start?

I can’t pinpoint where exactly Getting to God started. That would be the philosophical equivalent of trying to find the first strand in a large, wet bowl of spaghetti. Fun? Sure, a great sensory experience, but finding the needle in a real life haystack would be easy by comparison. What I mean is, every bit of life experience I have goes into this. I can’t identify exactly where the spark for this project came from.

I started taking electronic and mechanical systems apart as a kid. I had some ridiculous need to find out how everything around me works. By my adult life I had buried my nose in countless technical books. My hands had been in just about any kind of machine or electronic device you can think of.

Later on I started building my connection to my unearthly father. Once I had a foundation for that, I started noticing similarities between the technical, human made world and the much larger world of the soul. Abstract boundaries started breaking down between organic machines and those made by people. It started becoming more and more clear that we, as much as any metal machine, were engineered.

When did it become all of this?

In 2017 my immediate family and I, pictured below, hit some new hardships. We took a huge risk, got on the road, beefed up my photography and writing portfolio. We took our baby to the grandmother who’d not yet met her due to physical hardship. She also got to spend time with an uncle who barely knew her.

There was this uncanny set of signs and pathways laid out for us just before making the choice to drive across the country. No, it didn’t come from a need for psychiatric help. We’d just spent at least a couple of years learning to listen to the messages that came from a divine source. It’s actually not as crazy to believe God, angels, etc speak to us, as it to believe they don’t.

So, we took the road trip and did what we were guided to do.

What came of the road trip?

The life my immediate family and I live is unusual, to use a simple, clean description. I’ll put it this way for now, we need church and do everything we can to not miss a single Sunday. We need the lessons, the energy, the group prayer and the reminders that we can be whole in such a broken world. Therefore, we had the unique opportunity to visit a few different churches across the country.

Out of that experience came two, main, great things:

  1. Stories from people all over about their connections to God and why they are important. We got to visit with people who had extremely different financial standings, family backgrounds, personal styles and views of the world.

  2. We had so many moments where we hit the right place, right time vibe with virtually no planning. It opened up the realization of how many gifts we all receive from God. It gave us the sense that we are all where we need to be, when we need to be there. It highlighted the reality that everything happens for a reason and God always knows the plan.

So here comes my project

Along the way from the Midwest to the West Coast and back, the idea hit me… I need to put this experience into language and visual output. I need to share how I got from “no God” to “When we put him first he never lets us down”. That’s when the documentary was born. About seven months later, I realized this work could help support the family and, in return, help bring home as many of our brothers and sisters as possible.

So here it is, Getting to God, a project that I hope brightens lives. I’m trying to drastically shorten the learning curve for others, the one I had while getting from A to B. “A” was being lost and broken without knowing it. “B” is having a connection to the world beyond ours, one with a much brighter outlook than this. A world of complete fellowship, pure light, compassion, wisdom and eternal life.

More about the right-place-right-time moments we found on out trip.

These are seen in articles I’ve written on my other website, my artist’s portfolio.

Artist's Favorite Images - Meteor Crater

Artist's Favorite Images, Page, Arizona, Balloon Regatta and Fire Display

Artist's Favorite Images, Scum of The Earth Church

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