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Is God Real? pt 3/3 - Universal Modules (Video)

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

An entire universe, modules that have to function together perfectly from one place to the next. What will we find when we zoom in and out?

It's the final installment in the Is God Real? series. It just might be the most important one. Did you see part 1 and part 2?

Because I didn't frame the shot well, it may not play right on some screens. If you can't see at least as high as my forehead, you can use the second version. The only difference between videos is that the second is zoomed out.

Note: I almost re-recorded this as I really wanted to set the shot and the audio up better. I had only a small window to film (napping toddler). While I'm not thrilled about the technical aspects of the video, I decided to sacrifice a better shot for a good delivery, especially since it was not scripted or rehearsed.

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