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How Do You Love A God You Are Supposed To Fear?

I was just asked a question, basically; how do you love a God you are supposed to be afraid of? Let me put it this way...

When I work with electricity, I don't let FEAR stop me from doing the work and having fun. I simply have a deep, healthy RESPECT for what will happen if I misuse my skills.

I do not use stock photos. See this image in my personal photography portfolio.

God is not an overbearing, breathe-down-our-necks type of father. Like any good parent, He gives us choice and consequence for the purpose of teaching us self discipline. The goal is to prepare us to live forever without dragging our dirt into a clean house. He is sad when we misuse our skills and He throws a party when we turn to Him. My choices are not rebellion or conformity. They are separation or love.

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