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Melting With The Moon (Tiny Article)

Going through my old notes tonight, I found this; something I wrote a few months back after spending some time under the stars. Here goes: As I fasted, I began to end one of my nights by standing outside for some time. I looked up and saw, once again, the amazing blanket of pinpointed lights that were laid above me so many times before. Focusing on God, I began repeating: “I need you”, as my eyes gazed upward and my body began to tingle in such a way I’d never felt before.

Just seconds later, as I stared; one bright streak of a shooting star passed by, right in the middle of my vision. It sparked a warmth and a comfort in my body. As I turned to look behind me, I caught a tiny, brownish, orangish, glowing tip of something just beginning to peek over the horizon. In darkness, that tip began to grow, melting into the sky. I watched, undistracted, as the moon appeared, slowly rising upward; both sides tracing outward against the top of the darkened, silhouetted landscape. It floated higher until the shape of the crescent moon was complete.

For a moment that moon seemed to stand completely still in the darkness, until the clouds began to glow. And as it rose, they slowly showed themselves more and more. The brown/orange light was now seeping into those clouds as one of the most amazing, moonlit nights I’ve ever seen took shape, forming like a painting in front of me.

It all seemed to rest inside the hands that gently lifted it into the sky;

With my own eyes I witnessed; “the lesser light to rule the night” (Genesis 1:16 KJV), as I’d done with so many other of God’s gifts, including this one:

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