New Collection: "Peace"

Today I'm releasing a new hub, bringing together a collection of articles and videos that can help anyone find peace in a difficult world.

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You can visit "Finding Peace" here.

In this collection you'll find information about:

  • Why hardships happen,

  • Finding and repairing breakage in our personal systems,

  • Techniques that help bring immediate calm and relaxation,

  • Skills you can build for long-term, self support,

  • Understanding fellowship and social skills; allowing us to surround ourselves with relationships that bring us comfort.

Previously released collections

Is God Real? - For those who deny, question, or want to help prove His existence.

Effective Prayer - How to better understand and strengthen your prayer.

Thanks for reading :) Along side of being a full time caregiver for my little girl; I spend a lot of late nights, early mornings and challenging moments working hard; writing, recording, editing, shooting photos and publishing content. If you find any value in it, please consider any of the following: