Pay not Attention to the Enemy, Only the Task at Hand (Article)

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I’ve had a lot of practice in dealing with the anger and hatred that flow through our global culture. I’ve made more than a fair share of mistakes on my own, but I’ve picked those mistakes apart to no end. Understanding how people work, psychologically and emotionally, it’s not just about the task of self improvement. I need to understand the reasons for all sorts of behaviors, good and bad, and I originally started the search for two other reasons:

  1. Because I grew up being mistreated. Trying to understand why people harmed me was one of my only comforts. I somehow understood at an early age, the more I understand something, the less it can hurt me.

  2. I worked with children and families for decades. Many of them were so out of sorts that they needed intervention. You can’t intervene properly and efficiently in any negative situation if you can’t understand why people do what they do.

So even in my single digit years, because of the outside bullying, I was spending time at the library researching how the human mind works. I was angry about what other kids were doing with me and with themselves. I needed to understand it, so I buried my head in books about psychology and related subjects. And in my later, professional years it became a requirement. I ended up with over 1,200 hours of education and around 22 years of experience. Much of it was directly related to how and why children and families behave the way they do.

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Why do people behave they way they do?

The short description of what it all boils down to… people do what people are taught to do. We learn by example more than anything, especially as children. So when a child lives around poor behavior it rubs off. Words don’t matter much. IT doesn't matter how much a regular person in a child’s life tells that child what to do. When the child sees the example of doing the opposite, the wrongful behavior is usually followed by a saying like, “Well Daddy does it and it doesn’t seem to hurt him.”.

The same goes for adults. When a nearby group of people sets up examples of poor behavior seemingly without consequence, the bandwagon grows fast. It’s easy to believe adults should just know better, but that’s not reality. While as adults we are all ultimately responsible for our own behavior, many of us are mislead.

At any age, that responsibility gets clouded by things like peer pressure and misinformation. Most of us feel we don’t have time to self-improve. So the behavior that becomes embedded in a personality often stays. And contrary to popular belief, people do change or at least have potential to do so, even though they often don’t. It’s not that people don’t want to change, it’s usually more that we get blinded to the benefits of doing so.

I’ve seen it countless times, every time. When a child or adult has poor behavior, as long as a teacher can figure out how to reach that person with good information, the person changes for the better. When people label and throw others away over bad behavior nothing changes. In other words, people most often want to do the right thing, but are most often mislead or uninformed away from doing it.

So how does this apply spiritually?

The Devil has little actual power compared to what he’s made many of us think. Yes, he has systems and pyramid schemes in place. He uses them to murder, cheat, steal, corrupt and more, but they don't balance on true power. Christ and his soldiers squelched that out of him. The system of evil and it’s influence hinges on one thing… deception, deception that stretches out into our culture in so many layers and so many ways it’s (almost) unbelievable.

The Devil’s system is composed of lie after lie, each tailored not only to different types of people, but to individuals as well. He has endless ways to convince us to be divided from each other. And it works like the charm it is. The proof is in the SOP's (standard operating procedures) that trickle up from the bottom. What I mean is, the schoolyard bully’s “power” is just like the Devil’s. It works because of one thing, the bully has convinced the victim that the victim is powerless, when in reality the victim is not. Without that illusion evil’s influence falls short. It may cause damage, but it can't decide what we do about it.

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So it only makes sense that evil would work incredibly hard to convince us all that we’re powerless and separated. There’s so much truth in that, that we see the resources being spent everywhere to make it happen. Each reader may not believe it, but the people who are actively spreading the lies and anger certainly do.

Prejudice is rampant from one type of person to the next and action is constantly and consistently taken in its name. It's not just about nationality or skin color. Hate and arrogance work their way across many boundaries, like personal style, mental disorder and even things as simple as how long a parent breastfeeds a child. We end up engaged in almost anything except what Jesus taught us, to be loving, understanding and patient with each other. Hate, fear and anger are regular replacements for the empathy and compassion we are supposed to be using and demonstrating.

Why is the deception so wrong?

We were never built to work against each other. And yet that’s how most of the world functions. We usually act less like communities and more like packs of wild animals. Instead of always lifting each other up we often tear each other down. We look each other in the face and smile while immediately judging and pining for the dismissal of each other.

Entire neighborhoods, businesses and other organizations are built on opportunistic, hateful behavior. And often times no matter what real information surrounds us, we go with the emotion that tells us to destroy fellowship, rather than the logic that could lead us to build it.

So in the end what you get is a group of individuals running around judging, hating, being hypocrites and gaining arrogance and ego by the second. You end up with a web of people who hold hands one second, then stab each other in the back the next. None of it makes any useful sense. None of it benefits anyone. It’s a race that no one ever wins. And the glue that holds it all together is deception, the kind the Devil uses every day.

Where it really comes from

The anger appears to come from different, individual places as it’s meant to appear. This is highly beneficial for the evil it comes from. It helps keep the curtains pulled across the stage while production continues behind. It helps us place blame on each other, believing that people are just “good” or “bad”. It brings comfort when we ditch the challenges of understanding and helping each other.

The spread of this anger is like the constant rebranding of a product that’s made by the same company. I have a small camera, a webcam that's a great example of this. I bought it online from what might be the world’s largest internet sales website. The camera is available from many different sellers. It’s the exact same model every time. All sellers buy it from the same manufacturer, but stamp it with their own logo. So when it comes to the buyers, you have many different people who have the exact same camera, with different brand names on them, but they don't realize all of their cameras were made by the same company. Each vendor charges a different price and writes the sales pitch in a different way, but again, all the cameras themselves are the same.

The anger of the Devil is resold the same way. It's always made by the same being for the same purpose. But it's rebranded by many different people who pass it on. The sales pitch is given differently to each person or group. One group may think they're destroying someone for one reason, while another group thinks it's for another reason. Like the camera I have, the anger may be used by different people in different ways, but in the end it's the same device.

There is only way to leave that kind of trap, rise above it.

How to rise above the anger of evil?

My family and I are called to different places quite often. We’ll spend four weeks here, six weeks there, on and on. And each place we go we treat it like an opportunity to spread the light of God and Christ. One thing I do is to walk whatever ground we’re staying on, whatever neighborhood we’re in. As I do, I pray for those who live there. At one point as I was doing this, I received the divine message “Pay not attention to the enemy, only to the task at hand.”

So what did this message mean? I believe it meant that I need to separate who my enemy is from who my brothers and sisters are. I needed to “pay not attention” to the lies the real enemy throws at me, trying to make me hate my brothers and sisters over our differences. The “task at hand” was to pray to free those people from such lies. So when I saw a familiar, angry face, I was able to remember that his anger was born from deception, that which makes us stray from the path of fellowship that Christ laid. I prayed that God free him from his blindness and show him love to counter his anger. And for the rest of the walk, I prayed that God bring love, light, wisdom and anything else that was needed to that neighborhood.

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"Pay not attention to the enemy, only to the task at hand" works everywhere

This concept, “Pay not attention to the enemy, only to the task at hand.”, I’ve begun to apply it in all kinds of situations. The more I use it the more I see a separation when I encounter angry people. I see the anger for what it is, unnatural and deceptive. I see the people for who they are, children of God and family of mine. I remember what I’ve learned though education and experience… people do what people are taught to do. Now, instead of wanting a quickly satisfying feeling of vengeance, I want the long term reward of helping to bring more brothers and sisters home.

It also helps me in all sorts of other ways. When I’m working on self improvement, I pay less and less attention to the distractions like “I’m not worth it” and more attention to what has to change in my behavior.

It's a meditative statement

“Pay not attention to the enemy, only to the task at hand.” is something I often repeat when I'm confronted with evil or the anger it instills in people. I repeat it now whenever I have the task of walking any grounds and praying. It helps me focus on my work, not on the work of the world. So I've memorized it and use it constantly.

To conclude

The term "Christian" means "Little Christ". It means that to be a Christian is to follow the path that Christ laid for us, in us. It means following the laws that God has written on our hearts. And all of that means we are to love and understand not only ourselves, but all of those other humans in the world. It's not easy... okay wait... that's an understatement... it's incredibly hard to learn, but it's the only way to rise above the anger that never solves anything.

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