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Spotting the Fakes - Spiritual Discernment (Article)

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

I once attended a sermon where the pastor talked about a former church member. The former member was a FBI agent who said, when most people couldn't, he could spot a fake dollar bill in no time. It's because he studied the real ones and the fake ones in so much detail that he could no longer be fooled. Spiritual discernment is like this. The enemy will consistently and constantly try to fool us into thinking God is telling us something He's not (to harm, to kill, to harass, to slander, to take spiritual war into our own hands, etc.)

Read the KJV (King James Bible) or the NKJV (New Kin James, for cross reference until you understand the KJV) every day. This is the manual to life. Once you know it well enough, you can spot a fake from a mile away.

No stock images here. See this image in my personal fine-art portfolio.

Also, any time I was engaged in any kind of drinking, porn, etc; it cluttered my communications with God by opening doors to the enemy. One of the benefits of dropping those things, and ANY sin, addiction or habit that controls you more than you control it, is clearer communication and discernment.

I have an entire section on my website dedicated to this area:


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