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Stepping Away From Abortion (Article)

Updated: May 4, 2022

One of the many reasons I have no right to judge someone who’s chosen abortion, is that I’ve done a lot of things in my own life that can be judged. As I said in the following podcast, this doesn’t mean I stand against the mother who is in so much distress that she may decide to abort a child. And, FYI, if you do the research and talk to medical professionals like we did, you’ll find two things:

1. Many babies who are not supposed to survive birth, do.

2. The instances where a mother’s life is threatened by pregnancy and birth are much more rare than people know. And, many of the mothers who decide to risk it anyway survive. See the story:

But the day I wrote this article, I pondered an internet image search titled: "abortion photos"; and once I had the courage to look at them and see the tiny hands formed at even six weeks, left dead by a machine; not by their choice, but by someone else’s; I saw the same hands I see on my own child at age 4. I could not see the difference between those children and my own.

When we learned that Grace was pregnant; my health was not good, we were poor, we lived in a home that was not suitable for a child, I had long decided against having children and we were in our early 40’s which carries a lot more risk in pregnancy and puts us in our 60’s when she will be just becoming an adult. And yet we simply decided it wasn’t our choice because it wasn’t Jewel’s. At best, we’d find a way to keep her. At worst we would go through what would be a major inconvenience, then adopt her out, then move on.

We all have issues in our lives we get judged for. And we all have to live with the feeling of knowing that, if the people that judge us would spend one moment in our shoes, we wouldn’t have to live with any more threatening opinions. We would simply have enough support to make it through our challenge. Potentially aborted children face the same moment. Do we form opinions while ignoring their struggle, or do we find some way to support them?

If you canlook up those photos, look for the stories like people who survived their own abortion, or listen to the following podcast, and then drop the arguments and spend that energy finding a way to support those children… congratulations; you just took a step that’s worth writing an article about.

So here it is, our and our child’s personal story…

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To see the images of aborted babies I saw myself (not for children!):

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