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What's Tapping on Your Windows? (Article)

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Every time you touch a raindrop you defy the world. Today my little girl, Jewel, and I were in the middle of getting ready for breakfast when it began to rain. I had the thought; “man does not live by bread alone”. The land we sleep and stand on is in a drought right now, and in a way, so are we. So when those raindrops started announcing themselves on our windows, I saw a healing moment coming.

Jewel and I stopped everything, grabbed our shoes, went outside, sat on the porch and read scripture near the rain. It was a step, and the next thing we knew we were walking under the clouds as our clothes became more and more soaked. We… didn’t… care.

Fifteen minutes later, we were wearing the rain like an all-over badge of courage. Our hair was wrecked and our clothes were dripping, but we had laughter and joy under our skin, all the way down to our souls. We ran, we jumped, we laughed and we bonded.

I didn’t post this for approval. I posted it to plant a mustard seed. Defying the world and its “comforts” is a good thing. What’s tapping on your windows?


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