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The Clock Is Useless

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

I’ve seen people of all ages, including myself, be mislead about many things. I’ve see young people stand proud while their anger and vengeance become a way of life. It swallows them whole and turns them into self-justified monsters. I’ve known senior citizens who died bitterly in their old age and friends who died by their own hands.

These outcomes are not isolated stories. They are symptoms of a worldwide disease called misinformation; one that is spread through promises of relief, comfort and futures never achieved. If I had accepted the world’s truth, I would not have worked so hard to move past it. I would quite simply be dead.

I’ve also seen true wisdom throughout every single stage from toddler to ninety-something. I’ve not only studied such things, but also made careers out of them. It lead to consistent, repeatable data, carving its permanent place in my soul. It cannot be disproven once seen. It cannot be ignored once experienced. I’ve seen prayers make the impossible happen, time and again. Lives were saved when they were strictly condemned by doctors. The mean-spirited were turned into loving, kind people.

I wish I could just hand everyone my ten-mile-long list of proof. But that would be like trying to hand you the exact feeling I have when I hold my child’s hand, give another person hope in a daunting situation or see a shooting star.

Those people I knew who died bitterly or ended up as self-justified monsters; they all put their faith into something worldly. They listened to the voices who don’t know who we really are; the driver, not the machine. Undeniably, those voices failed them and most of them didn’t see it until the moment they took their last breath. Even if it was for just a brief second or two, the truth revealed itself. That’s because the spirit knows what it’s lacking, even when the body doesn’t. That spirit will never be satisfied with the next best thing.

The clock is ticking fast; but for those who find the way out, the clock doesn’t matter.

A collection of media; detailed answers to the age old question.


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