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What do Christ, MLK Jr., Martin Luther, Atheism and Christmas Have in Common?

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Christmas wasn’t actually Jesus’ birthday, but was put on its date, not only to celebrate the approaching time of renewal, but also to overshadow pagan holidays while celebrating “Christs’ Mass”. That often causes argument and accusation toward myself and other Christians, until I explain how Halloween was placed on the 31st of October to overshadow the original holiday; Reformation Day. But it gets even more ironic. Reformation Day was created by a man who opened minds to a crooked system, one that used its own version of “Christianity” to dig deep into people’s pockets. Today that practice is known as “Religion” (different from Christianity, which is a relationship with Christ).

The man who caused that reform was Martin Luther. Later, in the 1950’s, along came a man who largely shared that name, Martin Luther King Jr. He, understanding and following true Christianity, made some very painful sacrifices to bring the real Christian attitude into everyday life for everyone. Today, even secular folks appreciate Martin Luther King’s work, while ignoring how such an intelligent man based that work on what he knew was provable; the life and work of Jesus Christ. He, like Jesus, carried a cross because he understood what it means to have an often misunderstood freedom; not a worldly freedom, but an eternal one. And now we have people who knowingly benefit from the works of them and others like them, but don’t understand the core of the work and the comfort and safety those people give up.


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