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A Wonderful Counselor

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." Isiah 9:6 KJV

In my podcast called Everyday Consequences, I spoke about the mislabeling of behavioral problems and the misleading idea that worldly remedies are the best way out. Simply put; while drugs and other treatments may be a stop-gap, they are most often not the answer to emotional, behavioral or psychological issues. I'm not saying there is no place for them at all. I'm just saying they are WAY overused. And, in my experience, even when so-called "experts" call for them, there's always another way. And if you've ever really known this fellah named Jesus of Nazareth, or His Father; you already know what I'm talking about.

In my podcast, Everyday Consequences, I talk about (what is now) my 26+ years of education and experience in working with children and families. I also talk about my own personal experience in pulling myself up from hardships. There were my own issues that doctors claimed to have textbook solutions to, but in reality, they don't. Once I tried the solution of going to God and Christ, that's when I took the medical system's dirty old bandaids off and began to truly heal from what had been broken in my life.

While I do appreciate the medical field and know it is often needed; I've also seen people healed in miraculous ways, both mentally and physically. I've witnessed the end of disorders, diseases, mental illnesses, terminal cancers and more; all by the power of Christ. I've even seen some of those miracles in my own body, heart, mind and spirit. So when I hear that someone has been convinced that the manual to life (Bible) is wrong, that it's not possible to be healed without drugs, procedures, etc; I get pretty frustrated. When I see people jump to worldly remedies first, I get upset. And when I see ads like the following I took a screenshot of, I feel the need to stand up. It's because I know we can do better than this. I know we can do better than to trade healthy solutions that last forever for quick fixes that bring all kinds of new consequences. So take this ad for example:

My two cents

If you think manipulating brain cells with EMR (electromagnetic radiation) is not intrusive, look up how a microwave cooks food.

I've spent decades designing electronic devices, including those that generate EMR, and have spent a lot of time studying their effects on the human body and brain. I've also counseled many children, families and individuals. Electronic devices, drugs and behavioral manipulation are not counseling. Counseling has nothing to do with invasive procedures or anything that alters human functions through chemistry or electromechanical manipulation. Counseling is about how you help someone get to the root of their issue, understand it and then adapt their life to work with its effects. I've seen it many times; people who don't truly heal, no matter how many worldly solutions are thrown at them. I doesn't matter how many drugs are tried and how many variables; many times, they just don't completely work. And then I've seen the opposite, so many times I couldn't count them on 100 sets of fingers and toes; cutting past the drugs and devices, getting to the root cause of the issues and watching people finally heal. The rule of thumb is really quite simple; the more you understand something, the less it can hurt you. There are no drugs or devices that can open that door. Now for the Christian side of it: I am the driver (the spirit), not the machine (the body). If a counselor doesn't understand that; if a counselor can only work with the machine and not the driver; If a counselor doesn't draw from the greatest mind who ever existed in the field of counseling, Jesus Christ, what in the world are they doing?

For much more in-depth information, listen to the podcast (one of my personal favorites):

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