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What is RSS? 

RSS. Sometimes it's called Really Simple Syndication, sometimes Rich Site Summary. In any case, it's a way to receive news from a website that is an alternative to an email subscription. 

Why choose RSS over email subscriptions?

I do use my email address to subscribe to some newsletters, but I also sometimes use RSS for a few reasons:

  • Anonymity. I don't have to give out my email address to a site I may not fully trust. 

  • Reducing clutter. While does not give out your email address to others, many subscription services do. You may think you're signing up for just one newsletter, but then you may start receiving several from other companies. 

  • Speed. My RSS feed is updated almost immediately, while my email notifications usually take a few hours to be sent out. 

Why you may NOT want to use RSS

  • Because the RSS feed does not usually involve giving your own contact info, you can't receive individual notices from websites. You'll only get general articles meant for the masses. 

  • You sometimes have to install and run another app just to receive your news. It's much quicker and easier to put your email addy in a box. 

How do I use RSS?

You grab the feed address and plug it in to one of the following:

  • A web browser that supports direct RSS usage. Do a web search for "How to use RSS with [your browser name],

  • A special app that is made for delivering RSS Feeds, like RSS Bot (What I use on Mac OS). Do a web search for "Best RSS apps for [your operating system]", 

  • A RSS web service. Do a web search for "Best web based RSS". But with a web service you will not remain as anonymous as with the above because the service will likely ask for registration information. 

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