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Free updates

Email or anonymous (RSS) notifications about new media, website features, documentary status, clothing designs, etc.

Buy Clothing

Inspirational designs by Shawn Patrick Keenan (GtoG creator). Shirts, Hoodies, aprons, mugs, hats, mousepads, etc. 

Pass it on

A very helpful and cost-free way to help Getting to God Grow. Use social media or links. 




Get personal answers to questions about Christianity, GtoG media, website features, etc.



Help support our ministry

Info about how much work this actually is and how you can help support it via PayPal, CashApp, Podcast Support (Red Circle).




Help support the loss of faith for others (no cost)

Join the discussion group; "Faith no Matter What" and contribute to questions and answers about Faith. 




Join us on Social media; Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc. 




Read "About Getting to God"

All about what started this ministry and web presence, my statement of faith and what it personally means. 


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