No flash, no big screens in the background; just the honesty of sound. Choose your subject, relax and take in a powerful gift; the hands-free wisdom and welcome of God's word.

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E1 - Disbelief - Stages of Faith

I left the whole thing behind and spent a couple of decades promoting what  . . . 

E5 - Knowing the Opposition - Stages of Faith

Never just look at things from straight on. Always look around the back, th . . . 

E9 - Strength Training - Stages of Faith

It means not only practicing Biblical faith, but also accepting those hard  . . . 

E2 - Signs and Data - Stages of Faith

I’m a doubting Thomas, about just about everything. I need signs and data.  . . . 

E6 - Ebb and Flow -Stages of Faith

It’s going to happen. There will be times when faith is tested no matter wh . . . 

E10 - Battle Training - Stages of Faith

An enemy with thousands of years of training. If I don’t make it through Go . . . 

E3 - Exploration of Religion and the Reality of Christ - SOF

I’ve spent time in many different churches, practiced Yoga, studied Hinduis . . . 

E7 - Opposing Ourselves - Stages of Faith

We have the ability to oppose ourselves and break our own faith; to cause o . . . 

E11 - Trusting the Bible - Stages of Faith

Trust, in something that was written thousands of years ago. A surprising o . . . 

E4 - Studying the Bible - Stages of Faith

I read it again, and as I do this, Paul’s words start to come alive.

This  . . . 

E8 - Working With the System - Stages of Faith

Even if my destiny was eternal fire, I still want to learn to do the right  . . . 

E12 - The Long Haul - Stages of Faith

It’s about the realistic challenges in holding on to God and to forever. It . . . 




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