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Stages of Faith

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭11:1‬ ‭KJV‬‬ 


My personal path; darkness to light, unknown to known; a journey shaped by exploration and life experience; a beautiful mix of pain, astounding joy and everything in between. 


I once needed someone to give me the words you’ll find in these podcasts. My hope; they might save the kind of life I almost lost. 


These are the stages of faith I went through, in the basic order I went through them (written versions to follow soon). They do not have to be listened to in order. 

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Disbelief (E1)


I left the whole thing behind and spent a couple of decades promoting what I thought was truth; that God, to me, wasn’t real.

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Signs and Data (E2)


I’m a doubting Thomas, about just about everything. I need signs and data. In part it’s because I have a hard time trusting people, and also, it’s because I’m a scientist. 

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Exploration of Religion and the Reality of Christ (E3)


I’ve spent time in many different churches, practiced Yoga, studied Hinduism, spent a year in Methodist services, and Grace and Jewel and I lived on the grounds of a Buddhist center while joining their practices for almost an entire year. As I've said, I've seen a lot. 

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Studying the Bible (E4)


I read it again, and as I do this, Paul’s words start to come alive.

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Knowing the Opposition (E5)


Never just look at things from straight on. Always look around the back, the sides, above, below and all sorts of angles. 

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Ebb and Flow (E6)


It’s going to happen. There will be times when faith is tested no matter who you are. 

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Opposing Ourselves (E7)


We have the ability to oppose ourselves and break our own faith; to cause our own damage and then be blinded by our own consequences. 

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Working With the System (E8)


Even if my destiny was eternal fire, I still want to learn to do the right thing. 

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Strength Training (E9)


It means not only practicing Biblical faith, but also accepting those hard moments that God puts in my path, even when I don’t want to accept them.

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Battle Training (E10)


An enemy with thousands of years of training. If I don’t make it through God’s spiritual boot camp, I won’t make it through anything. 

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Trusting the Bible (E11)


Trust, in something that was written thousands of years ago. A surprising outcome. An uplifting experience.

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The Long Haul (E12)


It’s about the realistic challenges in holding on to God and to forever. It’s also about truckers and pineapple-pizza-people. 


How Do You Not Know Me?


A message for anyone in doubt of God's existence or love for us. 

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