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What is Getting to God? (About) 


Born in 2017, during one family's unplanned, unexpected trip across the United States; Getting to God has become a presence full of articles, podcasts, videos and an upcoming documentary. It is inspired by the faith, dedication and life experiences of people we came to love and admire along the way.     

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How Getting to God was Born

Image: Shawn Patrick Keenan with wife Grace and daughter Jewel

Statement of Faith: 

Through extensive study, life experience and tests of faith; our family has come to believe in The Bible as the manual to life, and Jesus Christ as The Messiah. We put God and the teachings of His Son first, and everything else falls in line.  

Who's behind it all? 

Very nearly everything you find on is created by Shawn Patrick Keenan. This includes photos, articles, videos, podcasts, clothing designs and web design. 


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