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Learning about God and strengthening the spirit are not straight forward things. Each one of us leads an individualized life, with our own set of weaknesses and strengths. So for each set there is a package designed specifically for individual purpose. When you're ready, pick a package and get the flow of information and improvement going! 

Is God Real? - Don't get it? I get it! I was once an Atheist/Evolutionist, until I started the same kind of workaround I'm offering here. I dropped the middle man and blazed my own path. And now I'm sharing answers to the most basic questions we all should have, but are often left unanswered.  

Effective Prayer - I used to struggle with prayer, wondering why mine didn't feel very effective. Then I learned why it was weak and how to make it stronger. Now, the difference is like night and day. My prayers are successful and my trust in God has reached much greater heights.

Personal Peace - For those who seek it or those who wish to keep it, peace in this world can feel like an illusive thing.

Fight Right (Scripture for Battle) - The enemy's efforts to make himself look like nobody and nothing have reached catastrophic failure for me. 

Repairing Broken Faith - For me there have been stages of faith, growing past borders from one strength to the next. I don’t remember a single one of those transitions being simple and quick.  

Cleaner Spiritual Living - I have this sort of mind blowing set of personal experiences; that is, events and choices that have clearly shown me some wonderful rewards for cleaning up my life, and my behavior.  

How to Read the Bible - A realistic view of what it is, how to navigate it and how to use it. 


More information packages will arrive over time. Stay up to date to find out when new packages arrive, like: 

  • The Anger Package, help with managing emotion and reaction, 

  • Packages for both, forgiving yourself for your own guilt and forgiving others, 

  • Packages that help deal with our pasts and how this broken world causes us damage, 

  • More! 

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I'm the largest human you see to the left. In spite of my faults, my biggest life goal is to follow Christ, and to pass on how it can be done. The constant work it takes to run this presence, "Getting to God", it's my thank you for the Grace and resources given to me by my hero, my spiritual father.    Read More


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