"Is God Real?

Are you like I used to be, at one point unsure, at another... completely Atheist? I turned from what I called faith because I and my questions didn't fit the group I was in. It wasn't just a turn. There was also a push coming from the back. As a child I found no true teachers in Christianity. That, as it would with many children, put me into a state of rebellion. And in my disappointment and rejection from the group I was in, I burned the house down to kill the rat. The middle man unwisely tried to force my faith. So I made the assumption that that's how God's so called system worked. I ran with it. Over the years I found tons of information and peer agreement that backed my disbelief... until I put the middle man to the side and started my own personal campaign to find out where a Christian was coming from. 

I've gathered and published here, the information that came from my own research and experience. The reason? Simply to help, simply out of love and concern for those around me. You're welcome to it, but remember... just as I can't tell you how you should build a relationship with my friend Patrick, I can't tell you how to do it with my spiritual Father. I can only introduce you to Patrick. I can only introduce you to God. The rest has to come after you shut off the filters in the mind that hold out this kind of info. 

You can pick out whatever you like, but I've put these things in the order I feel will best help build a foundation. So I recommend looking in that order. And if you have any questions at all, I'm not like the group I grew up in. I'm not afraid to risk not having an answer. Just ask.  

Is the soul real? 

I used to have every argument as to why things just came about, evolved. I 'knew' there was no such thing as the soul. I figured we lived on through generations and legacy, not by leaving the body once it died off. Then I got hooked into a group called IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies). Through IANDS I found an endless stream of solid, research-based information about the existence of the soul. For over seven years I also attended the Seattle chapter of IANDS, hearing regular stories like the following from a friend of mine, Kim... 

Is God Real? 

Here's where the technical evidence started for me. After decades of working at a design level with electronics and mechanics, I started finding endless common traits between human made technology and the natural world. So I came up with a set of videos that help begin to explain how I see the connections.  

Is God Real? pt 3, Universal Modules

If this version does not look right on your screen, you can try the zoomed out version here

It's both a visual and an imaginative look at how the universe functions like a human made computer. I recommend starting with the one above, then moving on to Is God Real? pt 1, Atheist to Knower and Is God Real? - pt 2 - Evolutionists and Christians.  

Just Turn it On

Flashlight On - The God Switch

Stop the debate. Stop worrying about what you look like in the window or the mirror. Flip the switch and find out how the light works.

My Journey that can help others

My own spiritual path was, until about 2015, quite rocky. I grew up in a church that gave me no answers. I felt God left me to rot amongst many others who demonstrated terrible behavior. I felt hopeless and useless for much of my life. Every argument that I've heard from Atheists and Evolutionists was one that I claimed for my own. But once I cut out the middle man and started exploring my way, testing and retesting, I found evidence that I couldn't ignore. And in the scientific workings of my nerd brain I began to chase down the data. Finally, I came to a faith that wasn't forced like it had been in my past. I began an actual relationship with God, and here's how it all went... 


I Taught Myself to Find God 

An article explains my journey in detail and how I came from unattached follower, to Atheist, to building a relationship with my Heavenly Father. 

Call me Crazy? The Un-Delusional Christian

Once the pieces fall into the empty shapes that are tailor made for them, it’s over.

My own witness

The following are personal events that have shown me God's presence:


A Child in a Messed up World (The Story of Jewel) (article) - A fist pounding rant toward God; and then, a pregnancy against almost all odds. 

A very personal story; the longing, waiting and respect for a love as fascinating as an entire universe.


About Me

I'm the largest human you see to the left. In spite of my faults, my biggest life goal is to follow Christ, and to pass on how it can be done. The constant work it takes to run this presence, "Getting to God", it's my thank you for the Grace and resources given to me by my hero, my spiritual father.    Read More


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