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  • An Other-Worldly Social Media

    Friends are made by spending real live time with each other. Together you consistently dig past the small talk and into how real life feels and affects each person. You test loyalty, generosity and either agree on life’s issues, or respect each other for why you don’t. Friendship does not involve passive-aggressive memes or little, blue thumbs up cartoons. It takes consistent time to find out who each person really is. Friends are not made with little, blue buttons and digital hugs. Social media may be a gateway, but it is not a true test. Our ability to love and honor is not validated by how many people are on our social media list. Our value is not determined by the reactions we get from posting our looks, opinions or activities. This is my kid. I do not use stock photography. See more of my own images in my portfolio. “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.” 1 John 4:18 KJV In other words, if you’ve ever used social media to bash anyone, to validate or sell yourself or to make a passive-aggressive post, as I’ve regretfully done, that gives you and I an opportunity. We can do ourselves a favor and read that screen like a mirror before we click send. There is still, and will always be value in being wrong. The moment we use social media for education, love and respectful conversation, we go against the world and join something bigger and far beyond.

  • Celebrating a Sacrifice - Merry Christmas

    So many times I faced a choice to comfort myself or sacrifice what I want/need to help someone else. And while I'm finding more and more value and strength in that, there have still been many times I chose my own relief over someone else's. We've all done it and we've all heard the excuses to not help others, like: "They made their own choices". And yet the life we celebrate today belonged to a human who had no excuses. Jesus kept a vision of love and rescue for you and I through tremendous pain and sacrifice. His journey is provable. His gifts are easily accessible and they last forever. Merry Christmas!

  • What do Christ, MLK Jr., Martin Luther, Atheism and Christmas Have in Common?

    Gotta hum-dinger for ya! I do not use stock photos. See this photo and more in my personla portfolio. Christmas wasn’t actually Jesus’ birthday, but was put on its date, not only to celebrate the approaching time of renewal, but also to overshadow pagan holidays while celebrating “Christs’ Mass”. That often causes argument and accusation toward myself and other Christians, until I explain how Halloween was placed on the 31st of October to overshadow the original holiday; Reformation Day. But it gets even more ironic. Reformation Day was created by a man who opened minds to a crooked system, one that used its own version of “Christianity” to dig deep into people’s pockets. Today that practice is known as “Religion” (different from Christianity, which is a relationship with Christ). The man who caused that reform was Martin Luther. Later, in the 1950’s, along came a man who largely shared that name, Martin Luther King Jr. He, understanding and following true Christianity, made some very painful sacrifices to bring the real Christian attitude into everyday life for everyone. Today, even secular folks appreciate Martin Luther King’s work, while ignoring how such an intelligent man based that work on what he knew was provable; the life and work of Jesus Christ. He, like Jesus, carried a cross because he understood what it means to have an often misunderstood freedom; not a worldly freedom, but an eternal one. And now we have people who knowingly benefit from the works of them and others like them, but don’t understand the core of the work and the comfort and safety those people give up. #IronicWisdom

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  • 7 Signs You're Being Called to Ministry (even if you don't believe)

    7 Signs You're Being Called to Ministry (even if you don't believe) Click image to see/ purchase it in writer's photography portfolio . . . More 7's lists Share this list Here are seven signs you're called to ministry (even if you don't believe). If you had the money, you’d feed the hungry, house the homeless and educate the poor; every... last... one of them. To you, uplifting someone is a greater gift than a new TV, When someone or somethinng hurts you; you’d rather respond in a way that helps everyone, than to throw your hands up and hurt others, saying “oh well, they did it to me”. In your eyes, the world’s gear shift is jammed, duct taped, glued and welded in "R" (for reverse), Small talk is somewhere in the same ballpark as going to the dentist. Deep subjects, like how life feels when you get into a new romance or when a loved one dies; that’s as refreshing as going to a buffet after starving for 3 days. You feel sympathy/ empathy for just about everyone, even people who most others see as disposable, You react to bad personal experience in a constructive way, thinking about how sharing it would help others avoid it. . . . . Share this list . More 7's lists . . Thanks for reading :) I spend a lot of late nights and challenging moments working hard. All content is done by me... the writing, recording, editing, web design and setup, photography and publishing content. If you find value in it, please consider any of the following: ​ Supporting my work , Passing it on , subscribing for free updates . . . . Uplifting The Church Pt 5 - You Might Not Know (video) Uplifting The Church Pt 5 - Wake Up Call Uplifting The Church Pt 4 - Shining The Critical Light . . .

  • ArticlePDFs1

    Articles in PDF Form for Supporters I Taught Myself to Find God ​ Get PDF Putting God First - Our Experience ​ Get PDF Putting God First - The Pain of Arm's Length ​ Get PDF

  • Cleaner Spiritual Living | Getting to God

    Cleaner Spiritual Living I have this sort of mind blowing set of personal experiences; that is, events and choices that have clearly shown me some wonderful rewards for cleaning up my life, and my behavior. ​ I grew up around many people who've never really handled social-emotional situations well. I've seen extreme and even dangerous hypocrisy. I've also worked with damaged children and broken families for decades. I've seen, adopted and eliminated much of my own poor behavior. This all gives me a unique perspective on the basic mechanics of human behavior and spirituality. I have the clear, objective and truthful knowledge that people do what people are taught to do. We are not born just "good" or "bad", nor are we that way as adults. That gives me a practical, non-judgmental perspective and helps me help others find an easier path to God, one we ALL deserve. ​ As I know this myself, a cleaner life is one that can't be forced. It has to be learned, earned and appreciated by those who adopt it. The hardest part for me was to accept the need and recognize the rewards. That's what this section of my ministry is about, helping others find reasons, hope and strength to live more for the spirit than for the body; to choose short term sacrifice with long term reward, instead of the opposite. ​ The following are personal stories and findings about the how's and why's we would live a cleaner life: ​ My Living Death (Love, Sin and Miracles) (podcast) - I put this one in first for good reason. While not everyone is looking for a story about breaking love-related sin, this one is a strong witness to how breaking any sin can greatly improve a life, and a spiritual future. Back to the Manual (podcast) - 2nd in line for good reason. When you need to know how to do it right, plug your eyes into the word of God. He wrote the policies and he hasn't changed them yet. The Realism of Sin (Podcast) - We're being mislead about the acceptance of sin. This podcast looks at the realities and final arguments of why we would want to eliminate sin from our lives. The Bible - What is it and how do I Read? (article) - How to get started with the manual mentioned in the podcast above. ​ ​ ​ ​ Porn is Okay, Right? (article) - A personal story; for me, it was one of the most difficult roadblocks to remove from my path to God. ​ Wicca, Witchcraft, Wile (article) - One of the biggest deceptions today, that witchcraft, wicca and the like are something sanctioned by God. ​ Sin, a Realistic View (article) - My personal approach to non-judgmental help with bad behavior. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ The Absolute Real Power of Words (article) - A great ship, a small rudder; when it's time to keep gossip and negativity from sterling the course. ​ ​ ​ ​ How to get Used by the Dark Side (article) - Convincing you a clean life is for the weak; big business does it. High school cliques do it. But the one at the head of it all, he is, for now, all but condemned for his leadership role... ​ ​ ​ ​ Facebook Twitter RSS

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