It's actually a Job

Everything here, from web design, to images, to videos; it's all done in-house by one person and his supporting family. No stock photos, they're all my own. No hired writers or producers. Each piece of this presence takes serious time, sacrifice, growth, promotion and maintenance. 

In return for the grace, forgiveness and blessings I've gained, I need to bring as many of my brothers and sisters home as I can. So the evangelism and ministry that comes through me will continue in whatever way, shape or form it can. I just happen to love this one, this web presence. It's helped a lot of people and I'd love to see it continue. 

Light bending and twisting through a lighthouse lens.

What you'll get as a supporter

  • Supporter-only website features, like suggest polls, suggest topics for articles and videos, Q&A, wallpapers and more, 

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This will also help push my work into future goals, like:


  • Articles released in the form of podcasts,

  • Exclusive, short releases of sections of the first documentary and future films.

  • A children's resource section, 

  • Products like t-shirts available for purchase.


Ways to contribute 

As a continued Patron. 

$3/month (or more if you choose). Just visit this link to go to my Patreon page. or click the orange "Become a Patron" button. Patreon is an external website that safely collects for all kinds of artists and business owners. If you pay this way, you will be charged immediately upon joining, then on the first of every month. This allows you access to the entire backlog of articles and content for the previous month and before. You won't have to wait until the next month to access content. 


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Thank you to all who support Getting to God! Your addition will help keep this presence safe and healthy. 

- Shawn P Keenan (and family)

About Me

I'm the largest human you see to the left. In spite of my faults, my biggest life goal is to follow Christ, and to pass on how it can be done. The constant work it takes to run this presence, "Getting to God", it's my thank you for the Grace and resources given to me by my hero, my spiritual father.    Read More


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