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All Ways to Support

What it means to support

Your support can not only help us maintain a ministry, it will also help guide it toward future goals, like:


  • This web presence will be expanded into a physical location and a mobile ministry; land with buildings; a place where people can come for counseling, rest, reflection and education on things like parenting, art, life skills and job readiness,

  • Hiring my own help for things like finance, website maintenance, etc.,

  • Perspectives - a section dedicated to the spiritual perspectives of women, children and men, 

  • The Whole Human - resources on becoming more physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy, 

  • A children's resource section, 

  • Interviews with people who can share stories of life and faith, 

  • Small kits with portable, personal, audio-based ministry and other tools, delivered to the homeless and others in need of help.

What it means

It's actually a Job

Everything here; from web design, to photography; podcasts to videos; it's all done in-house by me; with support from God and my family. No stock photos. No hired writers or producers. Each piece of this presence takes serious time, sacrifice, growth, promotion and maintenance. 

Light bending and twisting through a lighthouse lens.

Ways to contribute 

Buy Clothing


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Buy Clothing, etc

Help this venture, make a statement without saying a word and wear something beautiful on your soul! 



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Buy eBooks

Each ebook has been carefully packed with extended lessons and versions of my own, personal experience. 

Pass it on


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Pass it on

An easy, no cost way of supporting this ministry is to simply pass it on. Every time you share the site, an article, a podcast, etc; it not only helps my work, it helps you to minister and it helps whoever you share it with. 

Cash App



Cash App

Scan the QR code, or click$GettingToGod or enter $GettingToGod in your Cash App.



Pay Pal

PayPal (single contributions) 

This will show up as "SPK" and/or "" on your credit card statement.  


Contribute the amount of your choice in a single payment, by clicking the "Buy Now" button above.


Podcast Support

Podcast Support

Be a podcast supporter via Red Circle, where Getting To God podcasts are hosted. Go to the channel by clicking here where you can see episodes and support options. 


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