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And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us.
Luke‬ ‭11:4‬ ‭KJV‬‬ 


A childhood that taught me early on to protect myself against harm... An adulthood that became confused by those unfortunate lessons... At one point in my life, I couldn't forgive myself and I couldn't forgive others. I thought I needed those walls for my own protection; so, for much of my life, forgiveness felt next to impossibleAnd yet, through stubborn progress and a bold leap of faith, I learned the how and why of tearing those walls down. It not only freed me from self-ruin, it enabled me, emboldened me and set me free from one of the enemy's most carefully laid plans. And now, I reveal what I've learned on that path about the sometimes hidden workings of forgiveness. 

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Forgiveness This ebook includes all of the information in these podcasts, some revised, PLUS extended ideas about forgiveness that you won't find anywhere else in my ministry. 

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Podcast Series

Podcast Series

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The Introduction (E1)


There were more occasional tears of Joy and a child-like embrace of that new concept: freedom.


It's not Just That Easy (E2)


It's not such a big deal when someone bumps your shoulder or forgets to replace the toilet paper. But what about the hard stuff? What about real hurt?


How did we Ever Lose It? (E3)


Unforgiveness; the formula is everywhere. It's next to impossible to get away from it and even more impossible to grow up without its influence.


The Damage of not Forgiving (E4)


Unforgiveness is a poison. I've seen it spur revenge, violence, outcasting of family members, the evil behavior of entire communities and even physical illness.


Those who Don't let Go (E5)


When we don't forgive, we go on a life-long hunt for something we will never find.


Forgiving Yourself (E6)


When we don't forgive, we go on a life-long hunt for something we will never find.


Using the Heart (E7)


When people say: "Listen to your heart", they may not even realize how incredibly accurate that statement can be.


Bringing Change (E8)


I didn't yet understand it, but somehow, everything felt different. 

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Forgiveness (single podcast made before the series above)


I can't imagine a Heaven where people are unforgiving; and I know, God can't either.


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True Fellowship - Forgiveness and The Danger of Safety (Part 2/4, Article)

We often believe that our safety zones are just that, safe. But, as humans we’re often misunderstanding what a safety zone really is.


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