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"Is God Real?

As a child I found almost no-one who could answer my deepest questions about Christianity. That put me into a state of rebellion. So I made the assumption that, with so few answers, God and Christ must be a fairly tale. Still, my spirit wouldn't settle for worldly information. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't ignore the outcry. So I started an experimental, data driven, well informed journey through Atheism, Agnosticism, Buddhism, other religions and then Christianity. And while I can't force a relationship for anyone, I can open doors by sharing what I've learned.  

Is the soul real? 

At one point I knew there was no such thing as the spirit. Then, through a group called IANDS, I found an endless stream of solid, research-based information about its existence. For over seven years I attended the Seattle chapter of IANDS, hearing regular stories like the following from a friend of mine, Kim... 

Is God Real? 

Here's where the technical evidence started for me. After decades of working at a design level with electronics and mechanics, I started finding endless common traits between human made technology and the natural world. So I came up with a set of videos that help begin to explain how I see the connections.  

Is God Real? pt 3, Universal Modules

It's both a visual and an imaginative look at how the universe functions like a human made computer. 

Just Turn it On

The Flashlight (the God Switch)

Stop the debate. Stop worrying about what you look like in the window or the mirror. Flip the switch and find out how the light works.

My Personal Journey

My own spiritual path was, until about 2015, quite rocky. Since then my faith has been consistently built in stages. The following set of podcasts holds the keys to each of them.

IMG_0721 Small.jpg

My personal path; darkness to light, unknown to known; a journey shaped by exploration and life experience; a beautiful mix of pain, astounding joy and everything in between. 

My personal witness

I Taught Myself to Find God 

An article explains my journey in detail and how I came from unattached follower, to Atheist, to building a relationship with my Heavenly Father. 

Call me Crazy? The Un-Delusional Christian

Once the pieces fall into the empty shapes that are tailor made for them, it’s over.


A Child in a Messed up World (The Story of Jewel) (article) - A fist pounding rant toward God; and then, a pregnancy against almost all odds. 

A very personal story; the longing, waiting and respect for a love as fascinating as an entire universe.


A message for anyone who doubts God's existence or His love for us. ​


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