If things seem a bit pricy, let me explain:

I researched about 15 shirt companies. I spent months testing three of them. The ones I passed up were less expensive, but their customer service was poor and production/shipping times were highly erratic and downright unacceptable (customers were sometimes waiting over a month to get their products, and some were just lost in shipping).  

I've settled on a company called Spreadshirt. Here's why: 

- Production and shipping times are fast and reliable. My shirts are getting to my customers quickly. 

- Printing is much higher quality, more durable and more natural and soft on apparel. 

- Spreadshirt has made the process of creation much more user friendly for designers, leaving me more free to create quality designs. 

- Though I would like to charge less for products, and will be able to do so as sales increase; I find it completely unacceptable to give my customers anything less than a great experience and a quality product. 


See this encouraging video on how Spreadshirt products are produced: 



Many of the images used in my designs can be viewed/ purchased from my super duper, wonder-dandy photography portfolio: https://www.SlyFocal.com

Artists create, they do not steal. All designs here are original! If you see anything like these somewhere else, it started here first.

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