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Stronger Faith

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For me, strong faith didn't come easy. I had to grow past borders from one strength to the next. I don’t remember a single one of those transitions being simple and quick. 


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Hear my personal journey in audio form

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Stages of Faith, a series by Shawn P Keenan

After months of work, I'm finally able to deliver my own journey of faith in audio form. Just hit play: 

Other related Podcasts


The Flashlight - The God Switch

Stop worrying about what you look like; either in the mirror or in the window. Flip the switch, make the connection.

Introduce yourself to God 

Get angry. Pound a fist or two. Ask God if He's even there. Then watch one of the coolest things you'll ever see; He answers with love.

Hold On

Mob mentality. Easy sin. When the simple game is calling, how and why do we walk away?


Putting God First - The Pain of Arm's Length 

Grace and I heard it in a sermon: "Put God first and everything else will fall in line." We tried it and everything changed. 

Spiritual Strength Training 

Faith is just like strength training, in fact, it is strength training. You face a tough situation in life, it causes damage. Instead of needing complete protein to fuel the healing of a muscle (with physical strength training); you need information to fuel the healing of the heart, mind and spirit (with spiritual strength training).


A series of articles, illuminating the walls that often stand between us and a spiritual future. 

How the Enemy Works

The devil is not an artist, he's an opportunist (and he knows how to work against faith). 

A Struggle to see the Face of God

As I sat down to look at that image, The words crossed my mind, “Can you look at that picture and tell me you don’t see the face of God?”. My eyes welled up a bit and my throat started to lump as I just stared for a while.


Hang On

Excessive stress. Questioned faith. Finding an anchor when life won't easily lend.

Is God Real? pt 3/3 - Universal Modules 

An entire universe, modules that have to function together perfectly from one place to the next. What will we find when we zoom in and out?




When the questioning of faith is strong, we should share; it’s really that simple. That’s why I’ve started this group. Your participation will help you and others. So please feel free to join, question and answer. 

Click here to join the discussion, the Facebook group; Faith no Matter What


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