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Needs for Getting to God - The Documentary

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Hello all, 

In making my documentary, I have opportunities for people and their things to show up in the film. I have no budget, so I cannot pay anyone, but how cool it might be to see yourself, your arm, your ears (etc.) or something you own that’s special to you in a documentary. 


Maybe you’d love to have something sentimental or your favorite automobile, antique or machine on film. There are also opportunities to do some easy, volunteer acting. If you have any interest, ideas or if you know of any great locations where I might find shots, please look this list over and contact me in person or via the contact page at


Any in-person activity will most likely have to happen in or around us in Bloomington, Indiana; but we’re not opposed to travel if we can find the resources. 


Shawn Keenan 

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Needed video for the film: 



   •   Elbows moving

   •   Knees moving

   •   Fingers moving

   •   Eyes moving and blinking

   •   Chest and nostrils breathing 

   •   Closeups of mouths and faces speaking

   •   Ears

   •   Fingers running over different types of surfaces

   •   Eating

   •   Emotions, first shot normal, then in slow mo

        ◦   Happy/Laughing

        ◦   Sad

        ◦   Angry

        ◦   Surprised

   •   Hand holding in slow-mo and normal speed

   •   Hugs in slow-mo




   •   Closeups of auto air intake system, preferably carbureted, especially butterfly valves moving like a person breathing

   •   Macro shots of clocks and their movements 

   •   Lawnmower, possibly in unusual place

   •   Robots

   •   Robot being unveiled 

   •   Misc electromechanical devices

   •   Get an old clock that can be taken apart and seen working. Put it in a black surroundings, maybe on a lazy-Susan, have some colored light, maybe purple, move it around, get some slow-mo, etc, 

   •   Toilets - yeah I said that right



     •   Shot of engine with sound revving and also just idling; then, same car showing exhaust tips moving as engine revs. 

   •   Slow-mo of smoking tire, reversed




   •   Someone doing unhealthy things like spraying something into air, microwave running in background, maybe eating unhealthy food.

   •   Same person as in last shot, taking deep breath in some beautiful, natural setting, then they smile and yellow smile pops up over their head with a “ding” sound. 


   •   Man or woman, preferable woman in dress, same person, same shooting session for the next five bullet points:

        ◦   walking through a church in slow-mo, fog, dream-like sequence

        ◦   sitting or standing in church, closeups/slow-mo of senses like head, eyes, hands, etc. 

        ◦   Long shot or zoom down isle of person holding Bible, person reading, closeups of them reading, 

        ◦   pan around them then stop on face while person says “As we seek, so shall we find”

        ◦   Sequence, slow-motion, person slowly, intentionally walking toward church doors, while inside, then opening doors to bright sunlight, also closeups of hands touching door handles and feet walking (Bare/sandals/shoes? Person’s choice.), then person stands outside in sunlight - panning around him/her


   •   2 people sitting across from each other in chairs, speaking, saying something funny, possibly “you got your chocolate in my peanut butter” or, “You broke my chair!”… “Yeah, but the porridge was good and I had a nice nap”. Also closeups of their mouths and ears. Possibly have them be in silly costumes. 

   •   People creating art, like people putting up ‘wrapped in love’ things or painting a mural.

   •   Boxing ring or martial arts studio, 

        ◦   Slow-mo, fighters dancing around the mat

        ◦   Zooms toward feet, hands, eyes, etc

        ◦   Fighters looking serious or mean toward each other, ready to fight, closeups of eyes, faces

        ◦   Fighters looking confused

        ◦   Even more confused, hands now relaxed, saying “whaaaaaat?”

        ◦   I stand in ring, drop their hands, yell “kiss and make up!”

        ◦   Fighters laughing with each other

   •   People in meeting, discussing a new TV, looking over schematics, etc

   •   Antique car museum

   •   Antique plane museum

   •   Other antique machines

   •   Person walking near church, comes to outside, ponders, then walks in. Shots of person sitting in pew, pondering, closeups of person looking over Bible. Then fast video of person is sitting still in pew, looking toward alter while people are filling up church. 

   •   Possible green screen or location... Throwing down a packet of data, cover says something funny like “God Data”, in front of someone who shakes head no, not interested,  

   •   Dark room, circling around chair with one light above it, while circling, flash between different people praying, possibly slowly looking up. 

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