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How do you not Know Me? (Podcast)

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

A loving message for those in doubt.

How do you not know me when I’m in the wind that wraps around your skin?

How do you not feel me when I’ve been with you at every turn?

How do you not hear me when I tap on your window as the water falls from the clouds?

My heart breaks when I reach out and your arms lay still. I feel every measure of your pain. I know your loss even when you don’t, and I suffer at the thought of your life passing by.

You think I don’t know you or how hard it’s been. You think I don’t sense you or the strain of your deepest breaths. But as time goes away and you wrestle your fear, I stand by whispering at the thoughts of a better life for you. You don’t hear me, but somewhere inside beats the heart and soul you once let me hold, even if it was just for a brief moment before the world crept in.

If my words are not clear then look up and ask me why. If you’re not stunned by the wind and the stars then spend more time amongst them. It will come, that time when you see me; better late than never, but better now than then. If it comes by choice, then it came by strength.

Stop worrying about them. Turn away from the mirror and the camera. Shut off the screen, the worldly comforts and the heavy thoughts. You’re never gonna find me in there. You don’t need the preacher, the prophet or the pride. Just look up. I’m reaching, and I’m ready to celebrate when you reach back.


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