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My Daughter Touched my Face (Article)

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

This morning, just before my daughter woke; I laid down next to her, slowly rested my arm under her head and began gently rubbing her face. After a bit; Jewel, half awake, reached up quietly and put both hands on my face, then slowly opened her eyes and looked right at me. The wisdom in this 4-year-old’s face at that moment, silently staring at me, holding my face; it was astonishing.

Tonight, as her mother read to her in bed, I laid my head on Jewel’s side, just silently building this intense appreciation for another day with her; constantly thinking about how tomorrow holds no promise of having her in my life.

Every human loves someone. You don’t have to be a parent to feel that. You don’t have to have faith to be a good caregiver. But those of you who know our story deeply enough know about the glue that underlies it all and bonds tighter than anything else.

When I was an Atheist, then Agnostic; I would have loved this child immensely, but I wouldn’t have understood love as well as I do now that I’ve explored the question; “Is God real?”. This post may have taken a strange turn for you. If it did, do yourself a favor… turn it back; because, even though the there might be some fog about how I connect my daughter with my faith, the beginning of this post means little without the end.

Maybe it's a good time to ask; "Is God Real?"


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