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Could It Actually Be Good To Argue About Jesus?

I’ve argued with many people about the existence and role of Jesus Christ. They were all people of intelligence, compassion and love for the people who surround them. I admire their argument because that’s what thoughtful people do; challenge other people’s truths. And yet, not one of them could sustain the argument that He’s not real. In fact; there is secular, Biblical and prophetic proof that He is real and does play the role He is said to play.

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The concept of Jesus almost sounds impossible in a worldly sense, and yet the proof is there. It's not only found on a public level, but also, more importantly, on a personal one. From my own venture through Atheism, Agnosticism and a handful of religions, I’ve learned about the reality of an all-powerful God and why He would come to us in the flesh.

Throughout my years in public ministry and the many said arguments, I’ve learned that there are really only a handful of reasons people deny His existence. Some have seen no evidence. Some listen to the world’s view. Some are not comfortable with the way they may look in the mirror or the window. But, all of those reasons have explanations. All of them can be understood. That understanding can open doors to life changing events.

The older I get, the more ten, twenty, even thirty years goes by in a flash. I only have a few of those flashes left before my worldly future no longer matters. Death will not just bury me, but all of my Earthly goals.

In spite of what we hear from others, one simple idea stands. The future outside these fleeting, fragile bodies is uncertain to some, but not to everyone. And while the world is wonderful at presenting a god that lets us down, the real God won’t.

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