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My Daughter and the ER (Article)

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Last week; Jewel fell on a concrete edge, causing bodily damage and a problem that couldn’t be resolved without a temporary diet change, some medicine and a major change in our routine. One scary, overnight, completely-sleepless-for-Mom-and-Dad-moment later; we found ourselves in the emergency department. During that time; prayer and warm well wishes from friends and family members were working for us in the background.

Before hand, I prayed like Christ taught me “Father, keep us from the ER and let us sleep. Nothing happens without your say-so, so if we have to go, thy will be done.”

We went. God didn’t give me what I wanted… yet.

What I did get was one fortunate visit with no invasive actions toward my kid, one great doctor, a bunch of cool nurses and staff, then a lesson I asked for God to give my kid; to make sure she knows her Mom and Dad are always here for her. She knew. I could tell by the monkey-like little being clinging to us during that moment, and the “I want Mom AND Dad in the bed” when we got home.

My daughter, Jewel, smiling brightly.

On the way out of the ER we passed by a large, white, refrigerated trailer; cooling unit running, stairs built up to the back, adorned by a funeral wreath.

Perspective is odd when you’ve had 1.5 hours of sleep in a 38 hour period, mixed with a difficult experience. Occasional visual glitches and false earthquakes are some of the physical strangeness. But when you know you’re the driver, not the machine; the spirit can stay strong, steady, open and appreciative... no matter what. It's a beautiful thing. Check it out...

It's not my place to prove the existence of your spirit, it's your's


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