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My Daughter Threw a Fit (Article)

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

A few nights ago, my kid malfunctioned for a good long moment. She screamed. She cried. She threw a toy and she repeated “you’re wrong!” See, Jewel has a powerful spirit and a powerful set of lungs. So when she misdirects those things, it hurts. Her tears melt my heart, even though I want to run out of the room and throw around a few explicit words.

Basically, Jewel had thrown a fit over not wanting to clean up her toys. I gave her a fair choice and at the end of it, those toys got put up high for a couple of days. But before they did, I explained why. Here’s the shortened version of what I told her; that if I claim to love her, I can’t teach her that she can get what she wants by doing the wrong thing. I said I’d rather have her angry with me now, than to sacrifice her social and spiritual future for my comfort. Then I told her that God does the same thing with me. She immediately calmed down.

Next day, Jewel asked for her toys back. All I needed was one moment of saying "no" to reenforce the lesson, and though I dreaded saying it, she shocked me. She calmly said “okay, you can’t give them to me yet because you don’t want me to learn to do the wrong thing to get what I want, but maybe tomorrow.” Then she held my hand.

Jewel on our road trip

There are answers to why we have the hard lessons we do. Once we start and keep asking, life will only get better and there will always be a loving hand to grab.

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