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Sin, a Realistic View (Part 3/3, Resources, Article)

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

This article supplies vetted external articles, videos and bible passages that shed even more light on the main article and companion article.

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There’s more, have you read the first two?

Sin, a Realistic View (Part 1/3) The feeling of holding more personal control is immense. The knowledge that you made the choice to stop before your consequences forced you, that’s hugely liberating. The feeling of being more connected to God, we’ll that’s not only the goal, it’s a gift that can move a person beyond words, beyond human made reward and beyond the chains that we wear without knowledge or consent. Sin, a Realistic View (Part 2/3) Each bad habit I break lends toward a brighter and clearer connection to God. That’s one of the ways I break poor behavior. I remind myself about the rewards of doing it.

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