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Watching The Fall (Article and Podcasts)

I've seen some really ugly stuff, but never in my 48 years of life, until recently, have I seen this kind of wide-spread sin. Never have I seen such a fight to protect behaviors that break the system God built. Never have seen such a massive turning away from the gifts of life, joy and peace; the gifts given by Christ and His Father through sacrifice and love.

I've seen addictions neutralize people and even kill them. I've seen many people who shut out the information that could save their eternal lives; petrified away from the first steps toward renewal. I've seen anger, deception and hate run rampant, as we are all beginning to see.

I'm not ill over it because they don't agree with a Biblical lifestyle. I support everyone's right to choose their beliefs. I'm not ill when someone doesn't agree with me; some of the people I love most in life don't. I'm not angry because their subjective argument cannot stand against an objective one. What really bothers me is how thin the walls are between us and the truth; so thin that it takes nearly nothing to break through them. But, through fear, misinformation and the deception that God is not a greater reward than comfort; we're losing people. And THAT'S what makes me head-dropping sad; that true life is right there and I don't see enough people with a reason to reach out for it. The subjective information is that The Christ and His teachings are not the way home. The objective is that He is, and it can be proven. And with the walls between us and Him being so thin, it's only weakness that keeps us from tearing the veil. It's the weakness that keeps us from standing up against addiction, worldly comfort, worldly opinion and the fight to keep us from our own investigation of Christ.

Even if we live to be 100, it's fast and it may not be enough time to look past the smoke and mirrors. Worldly standards will serve you for now. Godly standards will serve you forever.

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